Teaching Programs and Lateral Entry

Teachers often enjoy wonderful careers, and those who wish to become a teacher have a much better chance for success if they plan ahead. Planning ahead includes deciding what subject area to teach. Most teachers choose a subject area with which they are familiar. Someone who is strong in English should focus on teaching within this discipline, just as those who are comfortable with math should teach geometry, algebra, or trigonometry, for example. When you teach within a subject area that is your strength, then you will be much more likely to actually enjoy your job teaching.

Lateral entry is a program offered by many colleges. It allows people to go into the profession, even if they have a degree in something else. For example, someone who holds a bachelor's degree in English can enter the lateral entry program in order to become certified to teach. This allows them to use their previous college credit in order to gain a head start within the program. It is ideal for professionals who seek an alternative to their current job situation.

Work placement and student teaching opportunities are offered at colleges like Maine University. Student teaching is important because it offers a taste of what it is like to manage a classroom before actually obtaining a teaching job. Student teachers have a leg-up on the competition as well. They can prove their worth in a real school setting. Once a position becomes open, that student teacher can move into that position with ease. Work placement programs enable students to gain insight into the latest job opportunities as well. This allows them to apply for jobs which are otherwise hard to get. There are countless teaching programs available for people who wish to make a difference in the lives of students.