Teaching Certificate What to Expect

Students who choose to attend Maine University have a wide array of majors to choose from. However, the university is most known for its stellar teaching program. Potential teachers flock to the university because it has a comprehensive study program aimed at preparing teachers for a rewarding career. One of the areas in which it excels, is pedagogy. Pedagogy is the study of teaching. It involves understanding that there are different teaching methods that must be employed in order to guarantee success for students of all ability levels. Pedagogy classes are offered independently of content area classes, and they prepare teachers to reach all students.

Once you decide to earn your teaching certificate, you must realize that content knowledge is critical. Content knowledge is at the core of successful teaching. It enables you to answer questions in a precise manner, and it allows you to take on difficulties within the classroom. Knowing your content area also evokes confidence. Increased confidence levels allow teachers to practice their craft in a much more effective manner. Although a teacher might not have the answer to every question, content knowledge will ensure that students receive the instruction that they require in order to become successful.

Differentiation is perhaps the most important aspect of teaching, and Maine University realizes this fact. When someone mentions differentiation, they are referring to the different ways that a teacher must develop lesson plans in order to reach students of all ability levels. Students who are not on the required reading level, for example, must be given lessons which enable them to better understand the concepts that are being taught. Similarly, students of higher ability levels must have lessons that challenge them to seek higher learning through new comprehensive approaches, such as an independent study.

Special needs children require exceptional differentiation practices. These children often struggle to learn simple concepts from an early age. If you choose to go into the teaching profession, then you must be willing to put in the time and effort that these students require to become successful. Programs are offered to instruct prospective teachers on how to develop course materials to help students who suffer from autism, depression, or other conditions that might mental. Physical limitations also cause significant hurdles. Once you do experience a breakthrough with one of these students, however, it is one of the most rewarding experiences imaginable.