Role of Independent Study

An independent study provides students with new ways to learn about material. This type of lesson requires a student who is self-starter, and who takes pride in his work. The independent study does not deviate from the central unit. Rather, it is an extension of what the rest of the students are learning within the classroom. Most independent studies are directed at gifted students because they require exceptional work habits. Critical thinking aspects of the study allow the students to gain plenty of insight that they can share with the rest of the class.

Gifted learners are students who need to be challenged. These students often misbehave in class because they are bored with the material and activities. Once this occurs, the student is often mislabeled as a trouble-maker. In reality, the student just needs a challenge. Studies show that gifted learners will readily take on added responsibilities in class. Once they do, they have a purpose. Whenever an independent study is given, it is expected that the student should present his findings to the rest of the class. The only way that they can do this is through a guided presentation. Teachers should offer tips to help them succeed as they stand in front of their peers.

Research is at the core of a quality independent study. Students should be taught the proper research methods to use. Most younger students are unaware that there is misinformation online. They tend to believe that everything they read is fact. Teachers must show students the sources to use. Providing plenty of research options is the key. When they can choose the sources for their studies, they will become much more engaged as a result. An independent study enables higher level learners to grow academically and socially within the school environment.