Differentiated Instruction

Differentiated instruction is at the core of effective teaching. Maine University places an emphasis on this fact by offering quality classes that work to prepare you for a career in teaching. What prospective teachers fail to understand is that they will have learners of all ability levels. Some students excel in the classroom, while others struggle. Additionally, learners who have a high level of intelligence will required differentiated instruction which challenges them to grow. Here are some key factors that influence differentiated instruction in lesson plans.

Struggling learners require more attention, especially when it comes to reading comprehension. Reading levels are influenced by a number of factors, such as home environment, disabilities, and behavior issues. Students who struggle to read need to be brought through the process in a step by step format. In addition to class instruction, constant communication must be maintained with a struggling learner's parents. This prevents students from falling behind at home.

Higher level learners are often classified as AG, or academically gifted. These learners need differentiated instruction as well. If they are given the same lesson plans as other students, they will not grow. They need to be challenged so that they can achieve their goals. Strong readers, for example, always have room for growth. They simply need to be pushed to perform at higher levels consistently. Independent studies are used to keep them engaged within the classroom.

Interesting lessons are at the core of effective instruction. A lesson plan should present the new material in news ways. It should keep the students engaged in the work so that they constantly seek fulfillment through achievement. Lesson panning takes time and practice. Although you will learn to develop lessons in college, the best way to learn is from fellow colleagues. They can point you in the right direction so that you do not make mistakes on your first day with students. This allows you to go into the classroom with nothing but confidence along the way. Proper lesson planning lies at the core of differentiated instruction, and it paves the way for our students to become successful.