College Greek Life What to Expect

Maine University of Teaching and Resources is beloved by those who attended this prestigious school. It is known to hold all students to a high degree of academic excellence, and those who attend usually graduate knowing that they have a successful career on the horizon. However, there is more to the university than studying all day and night. In fact, Maine University has a substantial greek life aspect. Greek life refers to fraternities and sororities. These two groups are comprised of students who meet high academic standards, understand social awareness, and who strive to better the community.

One of the things that any upcoming freshman should understand, is that greek life does cost money. Some fraternities and sororities require dues to be paid upfront. These dues go toward housing, food, and other costs associated with the group. Others require the dues at the beginning of each semester. Regardless of the due date for payments, all freshmen need to have a plan in place so that they will have the money to participate. High school seniors should start saving money for this purpose. Dues often cost around $2,000.00 or more, depending on what is required to pledge. Saving for these dues is a huge step in the right direction.

Most people agree that it is critical to understand what is to be expected once you pledge. Maine University, for example, has over 950 students who participate in greek life. This number indicates that you must stand out from other pledges in order to become considered. The best way to stand out is to be yourself. Offer up unique talents and be helpful whenever senior members ask you to do something. Since there are so many people to choose from during pledge week, you must be willing to go the extra mile in order to make an impression.

It's not uncommon for people to view greek life as a way to party all of the time, but this is not the only purpose that it serves. Community service is a major part of greek life responsibility. Fund raisers are conducted to help local communities. Food drives and awareness raising events make up a large part of a greek member's responsibilities. When these activities take place, close friendships are formed. Although opponents of greek life believe that it is a process which involves buying your friends, others disagree emphatically. Greek life is fulfilling for those who wish to learn and interact with like-minded individuals on a personal level.

Perhaps most importantly, greek life improves a work resume' to ensure future success. Some employers value greek members, especially those who served in leadership roles during their college years. Active involvement in the community, combined with essential interpersonal skills, is an important factor for many employers to consider before they decide to make a decision. Greek members have a leg-up in the work force, and their chances of becoming hired increase if they were able to maintain good grades while being involved with a fraternity or sorority.